Affordable Insurance for Auto, Home & Life in Barrie, Ontario

At R.K. Mooney Insurance Brokers Ltd., our goal is to provide you with protection for your property, your family, your life and your dreams at the best possible price. We start with a complete analysis of your insurance needs, identifying gaps in your coverage and opportunities to save money on premiums.

Once this analysis is complete we design a customized plan that is best suited to your situation and make recommendations that will provide the protection you need at a competitive price.

Our professional team can provide you with insurance packages to meet all your needs, including:

  • Auto & Classic Car
  • Home
  • Condo
  • Farm
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Motorcycle, Watercraft & ATV
  • Liability
  • Life
  • Disability

We move quickly to provide prompt settlement of your claims and will provide periodic reviews and assessments of your insurance policies to ensure your coverage remains relevant to your changing situations or needs. Please contact us for more information about our company or the products we offer, or to request a free quote.